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Lynda Gamble, Derby, UK

Ieva introduced me to reiki, I have now had two sessions with her and have felt completely energised on each occasion. The feeling has lasted for several days afterwards. She has also read my cards from a selection of different card decks with astonishing insight and accuracy. I would honestly recommend Ieva 100%  to any potential new clients. She's an absolute star as well as a lovely lady!

2 October, 2019

Kali Hannah, Derby, UK

Ieva was so thorougher in explaining what she was doing. Told me step by step. Very gentle and I felt at ease. I felt I needed the healing as I lost my mum suddenly in May. The tarot cards and reiki gave me a sense of well being. I highly recommend Ieva she has magic fingers.

24 September, 2019

Sally-Anne Marler, Derby, UK

Ieva is a naturally gifted healer and intuitive. She has a gentle and  humble approach helping you to have the best possible healing  experience. I would thoroughly recommend her, you will be in good hands 🙏🏻💖

19 August, 2019

Zilite Salna, Heanor, UK

I’ve been suffering with tinnitus and pains in my legs, when I started having Reiki sessions I really noticed the difference it made to my condition! I always feel a lot more relaxed and since I also have trouble sleeping, I always get a really good nights sleep after Reiki, worth having it just for that!
Very professional, very friendly and knowledgeable! Excellent for stress relief as well! Thank you!

17 August, 2019

Lena Durbec, La Ciotat, France

I have to confess I didn't know Reiki before I met Ieva and was sceptical by default, because I had a number of chronic issues no other therapy could resolve. However, I still decided to try and stay open. The result was very unexpected: during a few short sessions, Ieva told me the main (emotional) reason of my chronic low back pain and since then my lower back is not the same: I no longer have that feeling of brokenness in my lower back when I wake up in the morning and move through the day. She also gave me other precious insights, for instance which supplements I must take to improve my general condition. I have witnessed Ieva's healing gift and can only encourage everybody to have a session with her. It's been a blessing to me to have met her.


29 June, 2019