Mindfulness & Spirituality

✨ Did you know that our Higher Self can be used to help heal ourselves?

We are Infinite Beings in a Body and our bodies are ‘inside’ of our souls, with the Higher Self being connected to the Divine Source Energy at all times - and most of the people on the planet are disconnected from it or not fully realising the potential of this Infinite part of us.

Have you ever prayed to your Higher Self? It’s a great way to bring in the Divinity and Higher help if you feel unable to connect to God/Source Energy/Universe for any reason - I know that due to past religious indoctrination I found it very hard to even think of ‘God’, never mind pray to it as I was taught the unflattering human version of this ( I wouldn’t want to be friends with this personality if that was a human!) - cruel, vindictive, jealous and punishing ‘God’ waiting for me to screw up and beg for forgiveness. 

All of this is, of course, not my truth and when I finally had the courage to cut the ties with this religion, I learnt for myself that Higher Power for me is nothing but Love, Freedom, Acceptance and Support - regardless of who I was being!

I encourage you to fully tap into the power that is your Higher Self, it’s part of you yet Infinite and Divine, perfect and exclusively yours! 


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