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Here’s an example of a reading I did for myself -

I asked the question of money & business (it could be ANY topic!) using the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Cards, and whilst there is a set basic meaning for every card, using Intuition is the most important aspect of any Card Reading.

So here is a full description of what these cards meant in this particular reading and I thought it would be interesting for you all to have a real-life example of how we can get an excellent reading/advice from the Spirit Realm as the cards respond to our own energy field! 

“Overcome Obstacles: The Four-Card Spread

Querent Question of Finances & Money regarding a Business Venture.

Card 1 - Situation - Nine of Wands
Card 2 - Obstacle - The Fool
Card 3 - Action Recommended - Two of Swords
Card 4 - Outcome - Ace of Cups

Card 1 - Nine of Wands 

Represents completion, a ‘job done’ card after having to gone through effort and determination. In this reading it also signifies that this event or beginning of this new position began 9 months ago - showing courage under fire, protecting what’s yours, standing one’s ground. There is financial backing but a need for independence. Standing up for one’s dream, somewhat battle worn, this was the time when I began to train as a Reiki Practitioner for the first time in order to go self-employed and start my own business.
Wands is all about action, and number nine is a solitary number representing feeling complete within oneself.

Card 2 - The Fool

As an obstacle, the Fool is the representation of dreamy optimism and somewhat naive attitude towards money and work. The head is ‘in the clouds’ with everything stacked in one bag - driven by love and instinct, as symbolised by the Rose and the Dog. The excitement is understandable, but as this is a Major Arcana card, it symbolises immaturity and being a novice when it comes to money and business, an expectation rather than planning. An apprentice rather than master, the ‘leap of faith’ is for simpletons in this context. This is the belief and mindset that has become an obstacle, rather than an advantage.
Major Arcana cards represent the forces beyond oneself, such as outside influences that are of larger, universal source - karma, fate, destiny, beliefs, higher self, God/Goddess, Spiritual forces. All Major Arcana cards signal that situation is not entirely in one’s hands and that Higher Forces may be at work, with not having much of a conscious choice/control of what happens.

Card 3 - Two of Swords

In this setting, putting a blindfold towards emotions is actually a good thing. This card is asking for logic to be employed and whilst it appears that difficult decisions must be made, it is recommending not to jump to conclusions or action, taking plenty of time to decide, logically assess the Money action that needs to be taken. Meditation and prayer is strongly recommended to not allow distractions or pressure from making a rash decision.
Swords are all about the mental and verbal field, anything that is happening in your head. Number Two is symbolic of partnerships and duality, as well as balance and weighing up.

Card 4 - Ace of Cups

As an outcome in this reading, the Ace of Cups is showing new beginnings with possibly good news and funding from a reliable source. The card is showing that there needs to be moderation in the flow of finances, whilst it is a new beginning that emotionally offers hope and renewed growth, there is still the need to rely on intuition and spiritual guidance for continued stability. New spiritual insights also received, great things can be expected whilst enjoying peace and reward at the same time. Of course, all of this comes only after the recommended course of action is taken -that is completely up to the querent.
Cups is always associated with emotions, feelings and intuition; as well as the ability to receive and hold. Ace or One is a solitary number that signifies a new beginning, new opportunity as well as a starting point. A chance for rebirth.”

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The Angel Cards

Guided from Above

Guided from Above


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Guided from Above

Guided from Above

Guided from Above


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Energy Signature

Online Distance Reading

Online Distance Reading


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The mystical and powerful art of Tarot and Oracle card reading has been practised for thousands of years. They peer into the past, reveal the hidden and show you the outcome if you are to continue on your chosen path. 

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Online Distance Reading

Online Distance Reading

Online Distance Reading


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