Energy Healing & Reiki Healing Touch

👉 How many of these statements resonate with you in your Body?:

✨ I know that I am Source Energy.

✨ I understand that I am powerful.

✨ I know how to raise my frequency.

✨ I have a values of Love and Trust and Truth.

✨ My attitude is - I am a powerful creator and source energy personified.

✨ I enjoy self care and commitment to self.

✨ I am inspired to Shine my Light so bright I light up the world inside out!

✨ I feel creative - to create my own story from my truth and my heart.

✨ I set boundaries, speak my truth, honour myself and shine my Light unafraid.

✨ I behave true to myself, authentically, reflecting my values and beliefs.

✨ I progress towards - Enlightenment.

✨ I Am Source Energy connected to The Source Energy, I am that Light I have been looking for.

❤My guess is, until now, you may have thought of some of these and maybe even felt them for a while, but most likely it eventually got buried down in the day-to-day life and forgotten...

What if I were to tell you that you already ARE all of these? That whilst you may feel it is 'something' to attain to, it is actually what Your Soul IS - The Light, The Truth, The Trust, The Source Energy, and all the extras...

Tell yourself that you ARE all of this and go and read the statements above again...

Because somatically your Body already knows this, it is your Truth Teller, your 'Antenna", with receptors to translate the transmission that you are - There is no 'Separation', it (separation) is impossible from the standpoint of Quantum Physics, because everything Is ENERGY.

So, next time you doubt yourself and feel down in the dumps for where you 'should' be - read this again.


Reiki Energy

Taking Guided Action

Taking Guided Action


Bring things into balance with Reiki - Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a simple Japanese energy-balancing method that is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Some of the benefits of Reiki: 

∗ Deep relaxation

∗ Reduced stress & anxiety

∗ Boosted energy levels

∗ A feeling of inner calm, contentment

∗ A speeding up of the natural healing process

∗ Feel more positive, confident and better able to cope 

∗ Deal better with stressful people and difficult situations 

∗ Develop a strong sense of purpose and clear-thinking 

∗ Remove some of the ‘clutter’ from your life 

∗ Helps with aches and pains

∗ Helps with tension, headaches & migraines

∗ Reduces fatigue and increases energy

∗ Improves physical & mental wellbeing as well as assists with coping with cancer

I am a fully qualified Reiki Therapist and rather than just working on symptoms, Reiki will adress the underlying cause of the disease as well as creating the space for true healing to occur.

Taking Guided Action

Taking Guided Action

Taking Guided Action


Your Healing Journey begins with a commitment to Yourself! 

Let go of those Energy Blocks that keep us stuck in lower frequencies of shame, fear & anger, generating depression, worry and anxiety.

Everything IS Energy. Source Energy flows through us all and with the right guidance we can harness this energy to get rid of those pesky, limiting beliefs such as - I am not enough - giving way to empowerment, creating a healthier and happier You!

As well as Reiki modalities, I also offer Energy Reading to tell you where you have energetic blocks that are holding you back from achieving the life you truly desire and were born to have! After each Reiki Healing session I also send a detailed report of what came up during the session and any blocks/Chakra information that will speed up your healing exponentially. 

Many NHS hospitals and Hospices employ Reiki Therapists to help those with cancer alleviate their symptoms and aid in relaxation. Because Reiki in all its modalities, is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body itself in order to promote optimal wellness.

Reiki is an excellent way to help reduce back pain, reduce muscle aches, exponentially speed up healing injuries as well as an effective method to help to reduce anxiety and stress, including depression.

Channeling Angels

Taking Guided Action

Channeling Angels


Channeling Angelic healing energy with the assistance of the Archangel Metatron & Michael, the highest available healing will take place during the session. Whilst I connect to the Spirit world in all Reiki treatments, Angelic Reiki is one that is actually directly done by the Angels and Arch-Angels themselves through me.

Angelic Reiki is excellent for Multi-Dimensional and Past Life healing, done across all incarnations, dimensions and realities, as well as bringing in very high frequencies - perfect for those who feel stuck in the lower frequencies and wish to expand their life to something better. 

You will recieve not just a relaxing experience  specifically channelled through your Angelic guide but also the healing of the Past (this life if your beliefs do not accept past lives) that may still be influencing your present situation in an unwelcomed way.

The healing energy is channelled from the Angelic Realms via Healing Angels, Archangels, Acended Masters and Galactic Healers.

Crystals and Essential Oil remedies may be included as appropriate for the each individual client’s needs.

Faery Reiki

Discover Wellbeing

Channeling Angels


One of the great benefits of Reiki is that it treats the whole person, not just one part and goes exactly where it is needed. Faery Reiki energy works on all Four Elements of Nature: Water, Air, Fire and Earth; as well as Spirit - together with guided visualisations gives a profound experience of deep healing on a sub-atomic particle level! 

As with all the Reiki Healing Modalities, I have been trained and attuned to them in person, with a clear, traceable lineage to the original Masters, not through some vague online course for a ridiculously low price. Hence I pride myself in the quality of my service and you will be getting the very best - because you deserve it and your health & wellbeing isn't something I take lightly.

The energy of Faery Reiki is excellent for not just physical weebeing, but also for a deep ancestral, genetic healing of inherited trauma & karma. It also ancors one into the Mother Earth and clears Soul Karma by working on the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. You may find yourself more grounded and gain great awareness of how to finally feel at home on Mother Gaia.

Since Faeries are Earth Angels, Faery Reiki is ideal for grounding into the present and reality of being human. 

Lemurian Healing

Discover Wellbeing

Discover Wellbeing

crystals, Lemuria

It is said that once upon a time Ancient Races lived on planet Earth possessing magical abilities, that were Beings from other star systems, in order to evolve and possess a physical form. Many of us have heard of Atlantis, but there was also Mu or the Motherland, which is where Lemurians settled. 

These lands are now said to be under the oceans after being destroyed, but not before some of the occupants dispersed all over the world. Nowadays, the discovery of the Lemurian Quartz Crystal as well as accounts of past lives in Lemuria, ( such as by Lucy Cavendish in her book ‘The Lost Lands’), serves as a reference to collecting information on this particular race, which is the Energy channeled in this Modality. 

The Lemurian Healing has a similar technique to Reiki, however channels different frequencies of Energy through which the healing is performed. The Lemurian Goddess Amara serves as the Main Channel for this healing in order to facilitate spiritual growth and physical healing and together with Ascended Master Adama & Lemurian Spirit Guides give a very gentle but powerful experience.

Lemurian Energy is very peaceful and loving, and is perfect for times of stress, sleepless nights, major life changes, low moods and for learning one’s Soul Purpose for this life time. 

Discover Wellbeing

Discover Wellbeing

Discover Wellbeing

chakras, healing

The greatest feeling of all is when we shine our Light for ourselves, with no attachment to any outcome or with a view to impress the outside. 

What I love about Energy work is being able to peel off the layers and see what’s underneath it all, to connect to my soul, my Higher Self. There is no pretending or faking, you are who you are. 

I am obsessed about all things Energy. So from the moment I learnt  about creating my own reality I researched and learnt everything I could find on Energy Healing and re-wiring my beliefs. 

Over the past 3 years I have been on many courses, completed many programs in my quest  to learn how to bend reality (just a little!)...
I’ve meditated many hours a day, taken classes (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc) to learn how to use it  ‘wisely’ in order to heal and thrive!

And I’m not nearly done! Obviously. Even if I read every book on Chakras, Aura and the Quantum Field, I would still not know everything  there is to know about Energy and Life Force! 

What I have discovered, however, is my deep desire and passion to help not only myself but others, to use the many Reiki modalities I am attuned to in order to benefit others so that they can also open the doors to this magnificent force that literally changes lives. 

It’s effects are far reaching into emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing. 

And from my personal experience it is a deep healing of the original wounds step by step, targeting the cause of the dis-ease. 

It is tapping into the Universal Life Force itself, the different frequencies (Usui, Angelic, Lemurian & Faery) addressing every issue there is!