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Finding Connection in Times of Isolation.

We all look for a genuine connection and we desire to feel a sense of  belonging, to be part of something unique. At this time, more than ever before, many of us can be struggling with creating meaningful connections due to social isolation, lockdown and loneliness. Whilst chatting to people on a Social Media platform or messaging can be a temporary source of comfort, it can also create an opposite effect of  hightening the feelings of separation & anxiety. 💔

This time however can also be a service to us by providing us with the  opportunity to create one connection that is more important than any  other - the connection to ourselves, our Soul, Our Higher Self. It is  truly invaluable and is part of every living human being’s Life Purpose regardless what their mission is for this incarnation! 

Finding  Connection between us and our Higher Self is actually essential, as it  truly helps to create a more fulfilling and stress-free life now, because once we are in tune with our Higher Self we are able to draw  from Source, higher Love and knowledge previously unavailable to us. And this can certainly help us to weather any storms coming our way, as  well as deepening our connection to our Heart Centre. 💚

Here are some practices that may be of help to deepen this Divine Connection to our Higher Self:

👉🏻 Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and sitting comfortably take deep breaths whilst paying attention to any sudden aches or pains, or uncomfortable feelings popping up. Keep breathing into that space, making sure you do not tense your muscles and remain relaxed. This is important as when we tense during self-healing we are locking the blocked energy in our body instead of releasing it. Now you have established a connection to your body.

You may start to find that a memory may arise unexpectedly which brings up a range of negative  emotions, this is because you are allowing your body to ‘speak’ to you, showing you what you need to know at this time. Do not try to fight it or dismiss it, because somewhere on a subconscious level the memory or  memories being triggered are influencing your present emotional and mental state, even if it doesn’t seem like it is connected. Keep yourself relaxed and breathing until the negative feeling or ache fades.
What you have done is made the first step into accessing your subconscious. 

My suggestion is that you practise this every day for at  least 10 minutes, making sure you are not disturbed or distracted! 

👉🏻 The next practise is designed to help you raise your self-love, which is essential for opening the connection to the Higher Self.
Get a piece of paper and couple of pens in different colours and create a  sacred space where you will not be disturbed. Connect to your body through the breathing exercise above and after you have relaxed, begin to write down how you feel about yourself or think about yourself on a daily basis. After each statement leave space where another statement can be written, which is where you will come back to. Write down between 5 to 10 statements from the heart, being as honest with yourself as possible.
When you have finished, I’d like you to read through slowly what you have written. How kind and loving are these statements? Now take the other pen and underneath write down a second statement for each, imagining that you are saying this to your best friend who has said these things about themselves to you. Make them as encouraging and loving as you can.

This exercise is designed to help you see that you are your own best friend. 

And the way you speak about yourself, whether in your mind or out loud, is conditioning your body to store it in your cells and tissues. 

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one of all, creating love and fulness from within, nourishing our Sacred Heart Space and connecting us to the  Divine Love. ✨

- ieva x

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