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The pressure to be PERFECT. 🥀

You don’t have to be a celebrity to feel the pressure to be perfect in every way. 

In fact, all the people I know struggle in some area by feeling inadequate, whether that is parenthood, personal growth, achievements, career or appearance.🔥

👉🏻 We are constantly bombarded with information and news on how we should  be, behave, look and what possessions will make us into worthy members of the human society. 

Interestingly enough, anxiety and depression has been on the rise and more people than ever now suffer with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, PTSD and that’s just the most known ones. 

It seems that the thing that was supposed to bring us closer and open doors for interaction & relationships, ie - Social Media - is creating a deeper divide & more loneliness than ever.🍂

And if you feel bad about your appearance even with make up on, well, then there’s the photoshop, frequently used by the most followed celebrities who already have access to personal trainers, best food, plastic surgery, most expensive skincare and clothing, never mind the lifestyle of multiple amazing holidays a year to get away from stress...  

Most of us don’t have these luxuries. 

You don’t even have to leave your house to feel bad or somehow not a fit, just go on Social Media and look at all these supposedly perfect lives people seem to have in the photos, and then seeing your own life wonder what you are doing  wrong because you don’t have the perfect relationship or skin or house or lifestyle... 💸

By now, you realise how chasing after the same ‘stuff’ is leaving you more depleted and depressed than ever. And jealous. And not good enough. It’s hard to admit though...

The pressure is real, it’s invisible and it’s destructive. 

Whilst ‘comparisonitis’ can affect us in all parts of our lives, todays trend of posting picture perfect lives on Social Media is adding on the pressure on already stress-filled lives on most of us and it’s not just adults... 😰

Being a mother of a ‘tween’ I am well aware that this pressure is affecting our children from a young age and teaching them that they are not enough unless they look a certain way or have certain possessions..  
However, as adults we are the trendsetters and as parents we lead with our energy.
Therefore I believe that the change starts with us and our children will then follow.

How can we help ourselves when faced with the pressure to be perfect?

First of all...

Did you know that you already ARE perfect? 🤩

In an exact way that you are, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. 👈🏻

You’re an Infinite Being in a Body, you are exactly where you are meant to be and you don’t need fixing or saving. 🙌🏻

Second - here’s some ways to take away or ease off the pressure to be “perfect”...

* An obvious one yet probably the hardest one to accomplish - remove  yourself from the source of your distress by simply switching off the devices or coming off Social Media. However, due to the nature of our lives it’s not always practical to do so, yet limiting the time spent on these platforms by being strict with how much of our lives and precious time we waste of ‘browsing’, will improve the quality of our lives dramatically. 

* Take a walk in Nature and connect to Mother Earth. Allow yourself to observe and see how unconditional Gaia is - the flowers, trees etc do not compete with each other, they are ALL important and beautiful in their own way. So are the humans. It’s those differences that creates the beautiful variety of cultures, skin colour, personalities, talents and so forth. Embrace yourself, literally.

* Feel into your Inner Being/Inner Child and allow your subconscious to  communicate with you to tell you what is truly going on - the reason you are feeling this ‘need’ is because some part of you has been wounded and therefore requires Unconditional love & healing. It is most likely that it will be a childhood trauma (it doesn’t have to be dramatic or huge for it to be an emotional trauma - as children we are extremely sensitive to other people and take their treatment of us personally) or if you believe in Past Lives, which I do, an experience/belief that hasn’t been resolved and your Soul is bringing it up now in order for it to be healed & resolved.
If you feel  you would like to go deeper into learning and healing with Energy Tools that reach subconscious, past life levels - 1 on 1 Mindful Coaching  Sessions are available @ £30 per hour online or in person - DM for further details.

* Early Bird Journalling - this is a method that is helpful to many in order to communicate with their Higher Self/Subconscious which communicates via images (dreams, visions etc) and emotion. Have a journal and pen ready to journal whatever comes into your head as soon as you wake up first thing in the morning, it could literally be Anything! Write as much or as little and whatever words come to you, even if they repeat themselves. This technique will reveal to you subliminal messages your Soul is conveying to you, including your Spirit Guides & Angels. 

* Visit your old photos of yourself and remember what you thought of yourself at that point. Chances are you will be seeing yourself in a completely different light, realising how harsh and critical you judged yourself back then... What do you  think your Future You in another 10, 20, 30 years time would tell you now? 

* How ‘real’ do you feel the posts on Social Media actually are? What insecurities do you think the photoshopped, smiling photos are hiding? The truth is, when we feel secure and validated within ourselves, we won’t feel the need to post in order to get external validation which in a way has become a modern day drug, an ‘instant fix’ to raise our self esteem, or check out from reality. 

* Cleanse & rebalance your Energy/Chi/Prana and Chakras through Meditation, Reiki, Energy healing session, Yoga or any other modality that works for you. This is very important since on a subatomic particle level we are all  Energy. As such we are all connected and also easily affected by what we watch, listen to, read or who we spend time with, even if it’s online. Refocus your energy on yourself, your own wellbeing and self love. Remind yourself that you are worthy and precious simply because you exist.

You Are The Light You Have Been Looking For!

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