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The Merging of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.

A lot of times many of us will work on various aspects of our Divinity, however, there is a trend out there that focuses on Divine Feminine above the Divine Masculine, mostly due to the confusion that somehow one is more important than the other.

The truth of the matter is, unless both energies are embraced we will be missing out on a huge part of our growth, healing and enjoying our lives to the full. The two are not in opposition with each other, they are, in fact, One and deeply intertwined. Compare it to having both your left and right arm or leg - not having both would make life a lot more difficult!

What the world has experienced is an unhealthy domination of wounded Male energy - Patriarchy.
 What that has meant is that we no longer recognise the need to integrate both, embrace both or even knowing what that means. Putting one above the other creates imbalance and actually will impact the flow of both energies. 

Here are some of the benefits of a healthy Divine Masculine energy (not to be confused with the Shadow Side that is demonstrated by the Patriarchy)

  • Healthy Self-Confidence

  • Healthy Objectivity & Analytical Thinking & Mental Clarity

  • Setting Healthy, Strong Boundaries 
Healthy Will-Power and Self-Discipline

And here are some of the benefits of a healthy Divine Feminine aspect:

  • Healthy intuition & expression

  • Ability to connect to the emotions & healing

  • Healthy Nurturing and Patience

  • Heathy ability to receive 

And both integrated create a balanced emotional, spiritual and mental flow of energy.

Most of us will have one energy dominating the other as not many are taught to healthily integrate the Yin and the Yang, especially if we had either an absent or abusive parent(s), then we will be prone to the Shadow Side of these being present.

The Perfection of the Divine Masculine.

My first instinct was to go out there and research how other people describe the Divine Masculine before starting to write this post… Because a part of me said - what if you are ‘wrong’ or get it ‘wrong’?

But then, an Inner Voice, a feeling inside of me that was solid, calm and all knowing, reminded me that to share from my own experience and understanding is what I actually needed (and wanted!) to do, not regurgitate someone else’s perspective!

I wanted to start with the Divine Masculine/Male Energy as I feel it has been overlooked in the recent years in favour of the Divine Feminine, yet the two are so interconnected that it means we have to embrace both. 

My connection to the Divine Masculine came about after (for most of my life) I had very little and I didn’t even know what it meant or that I had any. Truth is, regardless of our gender, we all are made up of the Masculine and Feminine Divine Aspect of the Creation, we ARE an embodiment of both. 

For most people, the Divine Masculine is the representation of the Inner Father or the Peaceful Warrior, and to a greater degree that is correct. But if someone like myself, never actually had a Father figure and cannot relate to it, or never experienced being a ‘Warrior’, it can be just a description that holds very little meaning.

I don’t believe that this energy can be based on anything or anyone outside of our own being - Since for a long time I tried to imagine one of my Spirit Guides or an Ascended Master to embody this energy so that I could understand it & therefore bring it out in myself, only to find myself still feeling detached. It can be a good starting point, however, if you struggle to visualise and fully understand what this aspect of the Divine is like.

I realised this Divine aspect of the Universe is actually already present within myself, that I am my own ‘Father’, there was nothing new to learn, just remembered. That is the key aspect. Whilst we can read and learn a lot about how other people describe it and try and help us to embody it, the point is - we already do and it’s already in us, all we need is to simply remember. And to do so, we need to temporarily disable the Conscious Mind and open the door to the Subconscious. 

To me, Divine Masculine isn’t about a ‘male energy’, because the Universe, Source Energy, isn’t divided, it IS Masculine AND Feminine at the same time. 

Just as Angels embody both and do not have a gender, although it may be difficult for us to fully grasp. 
The Masculine and the Feminine is like Hot and Cold, Light and Dark - versions of the same thing. 

Like the Yin and the Yang, each embodies each other and supports each other in the perfect balance.

The Divine Masculine is about our Integrity, being solid in ourselves with healthy boundaries that just are, they exist organically and are our birth-right. 

Whilst ‘giving’ is described as the dominant Divine Masculine quality, and it is, it’s also about giving to ourselves, perfectly embodying receiving, that is attributed to the Divine Feminine energy.
 Divine Masculine heals, takes care, shows compassion. A far cry from the toxic, wounded shadow masculine that many have mistaken to be the Divine Masculine.

How can we awaken it? 
We have to forgive the past first. It may seem completely unrelated but holding grudges and non-forgiveness actually feeds the toxic side of the male energy, creating aggression, anger, bitterness and desire for revenge. This forgiveness includes ourselves too. 

It wasn’t until I had truly and fully forgiven my own biological father for abandoning me that I first experienced this extraordinary awakening of the Divine Masculine energy flowing freely in my field. 

The second, if you are a female, awaken yourself from the illusion that we are somehow separate from men. The same goes for men. We are an expression of each other, not different species. 

Unfortunately, due to feuding of the sexes over the ages, there is a deep divide between men and women, a power struggle that is so highly toxic, and we all know the sad consequences of this. 
We are of a human race. A Divine expression of itself, underneath it all, we ARE all Souls, Infinite Beings in a Body. 

As we leave our physical body at death we return to our true state of Light. 

The Healing of this energy can take on many forms, and each of us have our own Journey and Path that we have chosen. Awakening and Healing the Divine Masculine goes hand in hand. 

But if you particularly struggle to embrace this aspect, rather than force yourself to accept it, be kind and gentle to yourself - this is also a part of an expression of the Divine Masculine 
The Integration will then organically follow. 

A note I wanted to add is that if you feel you are drawn to work on Divine Feminine energy then chances are it is actually the Divine Masculine that actually needs your attention. Because what happens is, the shadow side of the female energy wants to take over and ‘rule’, and vice versa. 

And it is easy to recognise if we look at what we are actually struggling with in our lives - is it to have healthy boundaries and integrity for ourselves? Do we constantly people please and feel victimised? Do we want and demand that we are taken care of and someone else sorts our life for us? Do we hold other people responsible to be the ‘caretaker’ of us on an emotional, physical or even a financial level? 
That is when our Divine Masculine has been suppressed by the toxic Feminine Shadow Side. 

And I know this because that is what was happening to me, until I learned I was looking in all the wrong places to ‘heal’ this. 
When it becomes solid and a part of our Identity, we know we have a free-flow of the Divine Masculine.

The Divine Feminine in You - unlocking the Unconditional Love that is your birth right!

There is no separation between the two energies, it is simply an expression - just like a water is still water, whether it is hot or cold - both are essential to be whole as a human, regardless of our gender.

Having covered the Divine Masculine, the Divine Female Energy is the ‘Icing on the Cake’ of this topic. 

Many of us will associate it with beauty, serenity, stillness, receiving and nurture. And Divine Feminine IS all of those and much more!

However, most of us did not have the experience of growing up with a healthy Female energy modelled for us, our female caretakers often displaying toxic behaviour whilst inflicting the same wounding on us which they themselves were carrying - the generational trauma of women. 

Something I was afflicted with for most of my life without any knowledge or awareness. 
The wounded feminine. The toxic expression of scarcity that only sees envy and jealousy for something someone else has. The perpetual victimhood that turns into bitterness and spite with years of blaming and shaming. The Conditional Love that constantly sets the bar higher and higher. The invasion of privacy, the hurtful gossip and slander. The repression of sexual needs and desires that are a part of the human experience, yet is deemed as dirty and unacceptable. The oppression of other women in the name of ‘matriarchy’.  The conditional giving in order to receive, conditional receiving that is then rejected.

These examples of wounded feminine states I did not write after reading about it somewhere else. I wrote them from what I experienced and learnt from women as I was growing up. Not everyone will have it to such extremes, however, I wanted to to highlight just how toxic this wounded Feminine can become if left unhealed and unbalanced.

The healing of all this comes first by becoming aware and then by removing oneself from these, even if that means actually physically removing ourselves from people & situations that represent these. Because by staying in it serves no one, not us and not them. 

The second part is to forgive yourself and learning to Unconditionally Love yourself - which is far more than ‘self-care’ or ‘pampering’. 

🔥Unconditional Self Love is loving yourself even when you are deemed unlovable, either by yourself or others.🔥

Please read that again, because that is the foundation of your Divine Feminine Birth Right.

You become your own Divine mother. We tend to think that Divine Feminine is about displaying the nurturing, caring, affection, acceptance, warmth to others, but it is actually so much more about being all these things to ourselves first! When we BECOME it, then there is no longer the need to try, it just comes naturally. 

Unconditionally means - Unconditionally. 

You do not have conditions on when you are acceptable or lovable or worthy. You simply are. With all your wounds and imperfections and bad days. That in turn, allows the healing energy of the Divine Feminine to flow through you, you become your own mother. And would you criticise, down cry, abuse, shout at, put down your baby? No! Most of us wouldn’t dream of talking to others how we talk to ourselves! 

Thirdly, as a divine combination, you have to parent yourself back to wholeness, just how you wanted to be parented by your parents / caregivers as a child. This means, releasing childhood wounds, forgiving and healing the past, realising that you are the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in one.

We are all in need of loving ourselves back to wholeness - the Divine Energy of Love, which essentially what Divine Feminine and Masculine is. 

Then this expression will overflow in our interactions with others organically. 🙏🏻

As part of my Mindful Coaching & Energy Healing sessions, this aspect is something that we work on together - if this article resonates with you, use the contact form for more details.

I would also like to wish you all a very Happy 2020 New Year, full of kindness, love and grace!

- ieva x

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