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Much has been written about Angels and everyone who has opened themselves to their Spirit Guides & Angels will enjoy their own special relationship. 

Sometimes it comes slowly by working on the Crown Chakra, other times it just happens - there is a sudden feeling, an awareness that we are not alone.

Whilst most articles will put the two in one pot, here I will focus on the Angels and not Spirit Guides that can be our Ancestors, deceased loved ones and even animal spirit guides. Simply because they deserve their own post. 

✨ I believe that our Soul Contract before incarnating into this life we are having now will determine as to how and to what extent we will connect to these Spirit Light Beings we know as Angels. Since their consciousness is far more evolved and complex than we can even imagine, it may at times be difficult to relate or understand why one moment our Guardian Angels are practically taking over in helping and other times we seem to be left to it - having experienced both I know how frustrating that can feel.
But our Highest Good is their Primary wish and since we can only think and feel within the range of our experience up to that point in time - well, we simply don’t know what our highest good is until we meet it. 

⚡️ Since Angels do not have Ego, does that mean their unconditional love for us does not have guiding principles or boundaries? I believe that they still do, because we do. And no, not in the same way as us but in a much higher, loving way beyond our comprehension. But because all our origins are with Source Energy, we were once souls forged with the same Super Consciousness that the Angels came from. 

In my communication with the Archangels, especially Michael, I have always been shown a Higher way of looking at things when life goes difficult, therefore the higher our own vibrational frequency the more in tune we are with the Highest version of the events.

The truth is, however, we really know very little of them, except what they have allowed us to know. And whilst there are basic similarities in stories related by those who have contact with the Angels, my experience is that we receive individual care as individuals. Emphasis on ‘individual’.
You may have to read that again... 

✨ My first conscious encounter with them was back in 2014 and it kept escalating in intensity as time went on, having had my Crown Chakra ‘ burst’ open due to traumatic experiences I ended up with having to open myself to a Realm I didn’t even fully believe in, in a ‘crash course’ - Truth to be told I considered myself going insane at first but with the right support and guidance was able to adjust to a completely different way of life. As well as sift out any Spirit influence that was not for my highest good with the help of Archangels & Angels. This connection and communication is now a daily part of everything I do. 

⚡️ So whilst for some of us this is a clear channel, of orbs, lights, visions, voice, sounds or even touch, for others it can seem like a closed door or a question as to why it isn’t more obvious than just a ‘feeling’, seeing repeating ‘numbers’ or ‘inner voice’.
My belief here is that it is your Life Purpose & Soul Contracts that determine this. And just because it isn’t what you want it to be now it doesn’t mean it won’t be something greater later on. 

Your Life Purpose is in divine order, and you are exactly where you need to be right here and right now - if you try and hurry it you’ll get blocked. And if you try and avoid it, you’ll still end up doing the very thing you we’re running away from. 

The Angels love humans, but it is much more than that. You see, some of us were actually Angels ourselves before incarnating on Earth. 

There is a high chance that if your life is taken over by these Beings of Light that once upon a time you were one of them & they actually miss you in your original form. And you will go back to it, once you have experienced everything you set out to do however many lifetimes it takes. 

👉🏻 There is a fabulous article on connecting to our Spirit Guides, which includes Guardian Angels by Gabby Bernstein here - (click on the link to read) & and I will be posting more on Angels as I am guided. 

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